Friday, January 12, 2007

El Prodigio y yo

El Prodigio y yo
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Picture taken by Jose Enrique Tavarez at the Centro Leon last year, and just dug up by me.

Back in Action

Hey, you don't have to tell ME it's been a while! Where have I been? well, I went to California to see the grandparents for Thanksgiving, I went to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, for a few days after Christmas. Between trips, I was working on the old dissertation (nearly three chapters done now), in part while in residence at a local writer's colony, Casa Libre en la Solana. They are awesome!! Send them your money!!

Since the holidays, things have been decidedly less interesting. I've been spending rather an inordinate amount of time working on the index for my forthcoming book
(take a look here: And an even more ridiculous amount of time preparing for my upcoming trip. Yes, I'm heading back to Santiago for more carnival, more accordion, and more Brugal in just two weeks.

BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR ME?? you may be asking yourself. Good question. If you are my friend, perhaps it means you should be checking plane fare to the DR in order to pay me a visit. Don't forget: carnival season runs through February, and whale season ends March 15. If you are a blog reader who is not yet my friend, perhaps it means you should subscribe to my feed so you don't miss a single exciting installment of my adventures in The Republic, as my nephew has been known to call it. Either way, keep in mind that I will arrive in La Ciudad Corazon on January 26 and will be blogging away shortly thereafter.

To tide you over in the meantime, here's a photo I just dug up of me and El Prodigio, taken by Jose Enrique Tavarez at the Centro Leon.