Tuesday, November 01, 2005

food and percussion

Here are pictures of me and my tambora teacher Pablito playing the tambora, and of the final results of my cooking class: habichuelas and pescado en escabeche.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog on your visits to Dom Rep.

I found your site while googling the word 'tiriguillo'(my mother used to call me this when I was a child in DR).

I like your witty and frank comments and the ways you speak of the people without condescending language.

I do research in dominican foodways and expressive culture; I find some of your descriptions of place, food and music very insightful.

may you have many more friends and meaningful times in DR,

Lidia Marte
a dominican anthropologist
University of Texas at Austin

René Viaud said...

Nice pictures Sydney,

Could you please confirm if this Pablito is the same person who goes under the stage name "Pablitodrum"?

I have found some footage @ Youtube and the tambora looks just the same in size, color and ropes, etc. If so, this guy is impressive.