Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rancho Merengue mural

Rancho Merengue mural
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At the tipico hotspot Rancho Merengue, the recent renovation includes a mural that combines elements from four paintings by the famous Dominican artist Yoryi Morel.


Ed G said...

Hey Sydney,

I was looking up information on playing the accordion, because I really like the "musica tipica" of my cultural background. Interested in learning how to play. I bumped into your blog. Really cool blog. I am a New Yorker really, don't know much about DR except general things. Tell me is there any place to learn accordion (a la Dominicanos) in the US? and are you doing a doctoral dissertation in dominican music? Where are you at with it, defense, or finished with coursework? Interesting. My email is

Manuel Aramis Miranda Perdomo said...

Muchas gracias por tu amor y entrega a Republica Dominicana.