Tuesday, June 06, 2006

El Prodigio

El Prodigio
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El Prodigio plays to a full house at Andy Ranch. I played during his second set - so I guess you could consider him my opening act. (That's a joke, Prodigio!)


DezTipico said...

He is without a doubt the best I've seen. Tatico would acually have a challenge. I am proud of you and your accomplishments Sydney, great stories, keep writing!!

Sydney said...

thanks for your note! I'll be posting again soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey, My name is Alberto Lopez and I found your site so interesting and amazing to the way. It great that got to meet my idol El Prodigio. I would love to learn more about your studys and times in the my country, Dominican Republic. I could be reached at alopez0401@hotmail or alopezelsuper@aol.com