Friday, September 08, 2006

Long time no hear

Hi folks,

I know it's been a while since I've posted and I'm sorry about that. So here's a little update.

I've now been back home in Tucson for a couple of weeks. It's great to be home, especially since we're having an amazing monsoon season - they say it's the most rain we've had since the floods of '84, which I remember fondly. This makes for beautiful sunsets and delicious desert smells, but bad allergies. You win some, you lose some.

I've been noticing how funny it is that it's almost easier to get to know people in a foreign country than it is in your own culture. When you're a foreigner, you have a good excuse for wandering around and asking people all sorts of odd questions. Harder to get away with in your own town.

Anyway, I came home in order to write. It's been a relief to put the fieldwork to rest for a while. No more chasing around after impossible musicians! (for a while, at least - I'll be back in Santiago in January.) But writing a dissertation doesn't make for very exciting blogging. Hence the delay.

But don't give up on accordiongirl! Exciting, accordionish things will be coming soon. As I go through my field recordings I'll be putting up images, videos, and sound files for you to check out. Eventually, I'll assemble sound clips into an educational and entertaining tipico podcast. I'm also going to put up information about tipico and accordion-related events as they come up. So please keep checking back!

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TIPICO TIDBIT: The first ever Dominican-themed exhibit at the Museo del Barrio in New York opens in October. They will be showing a version of the exhibit of art related to merengue that was developed by the Centro Leon and shown there last year under the title "Que no me quiten lo pintao." The Museo del Barrio version will include a lot of new pieces by New York-area artists. And in connection with the exhibit, they will be offering merengue concerts (including at least one tipico group, TBA) and workshops for kids. There will also be a panel of academics talking about merengue, including me, accordiongirl. The exhibit opens October 5 and the panel takes place on October 7. If you are in New York please come by and check it out!

Thanks for being patient. Keep in touch and I will too.


Linda said...

Hey Sydney - I still read ya from time to time. Especially when my wanderlust is opressing me! (While paying my son's college tuition, I only wander off on business trips these days - which is the focus of MY blog currently.)

Yes, please do give details on the event at the Museo del Barrio. After reading all these tipico posts, I'd love to go see what it sounds like!


Linda said...

... I mean go HEAR what it sounds like. oops!

henry siteber said...

Hi Sydney, This is my first time on your blog and probably won't be the last.
Anyways, I am dominican, live in las vegas and have an appreciation for merengue tipico.
I loved reading your posts about carnaval in Santiago and the groups in New York. I think it's cool and weird that a gringa actually likes and knows how to play our music.
You should post a clip of you playing something by tatico or fefita.

DezTipico said...

Yeah!!!! You should post a video of you playing.
We are all pretty anxious to see what a cute gringa
like you can do. I know your good from reading
all your stories. I wish I had your experience.
Im trying to learn accordion myself and its not