Thursday, June 07, 2007

fixed it!

Who are you, Cerveza in Tucson? Thanks for spotting the broken link. It is now fixed and you can enjoy the genius that is El Prodigio.


Cervesa en Tucson said...

Thanks for fixing the link so quickly. To answer your question as to who I am... I’m a fan of history, travel in Latin America and beer but not always in that order and definitely not exclusively. I’m also a Tucson Weekly reader which is how I got hooked on your blog. Actually, that’s only how I arrived at your blog. I got hooked by its enjoyable style and entertaining content not to mention the elusive possibility of cervesa! The only thing I think that I’ve not encountered here but thought that I might would be a link to a video or at least an audio of one of your accordion performances. Any chance of that sometime soon?

You keep typing and I’ll keep reading,
RNMichael at hotmail dot com

duran said...

Hi Sydney,

I have been reading your blog for about a year now and I am very interested in hearing how you play the accordion. How about it?

Duran (South Florida)

Sydney said...

Ha ha! Thanks, both of you, for your interest in my playing. Unfortunately, because I'm usually so busy recording and photographing others, I don't have much on record of myself. I'll see if I can dig up anything... otherwise, I'll be sure to make my own recording next time. Many tipico-playing friends have been bugging me about recording my own album, but I probabely won't go that far. Hey, isn't writing a book enough for you people?! Jeez.

duran said...

Well, alright I'll accept that excuse for now. Keep doing a good job.