Wednesday, October 12, 2005

No news = good news?

Sorry to disappoint loyal readers, but I really have no news to report this week. I shut myself in for the weekend in order to finish the last chapter of my book and get busy on my conference paper for next month. And plans were foiled for a trip to the countryside yesterday. No matter, this weekend looks to be more promising, at least as far as merengue tipico is concerned.

Anyway, considering the dearth of Dominican excitement, you can imagine how thrilled I was to read that I had been a contestant for Miss Frog Wallow, ages 13-18, last month! Gosh, I hope I won...

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Mike said...

I'm happy to report that, indeed, you were crowned Miss Frog Wallow as well as Most Photogenic.

Can you believe that runner-up Denise Cadle won Miss Congeniality? What a bitch!

Frog Wallow Pageant Results